Swarovski Innovations

Swarovski, the world leader in precision-cut crystals, is pleased to announce its Spring/Summer 2018 crystal innovations. With the world in a period of rapid change, as we seek to redefine ourselves and eradicate the outmoded structures of the past, the trend theme for Spring/Summer 2018 is, appropriately, New Perspectives.

Renowned for creating beautifully crafted crystals, Swarovski’s innovations are driven by stories that capture the defining mood of the moment in ways that have meaning. This season’s new crystals reflect the value revolution that is taking place in which old dividing lines are being broken down—between luxury and street, the natural and the digital, male and female, and even between opposing belief systems. Driven by the millennials and Generation Z, the message is clear: “We need a new world order.” The Spring/Summer 2018 story is about the need for New Perspectives. Four trends characterize the mood: Gang Star, No Normal, Hacked Nature, and Spell Bound.



Gang Star

The urban landscape is in the throes of a street-style revolution best summed up in the phrase: “Keep it real.” Inspired by the hip-hop, sporty, rap culture, the look is expressed in bold gold statement pieces illustrated by oversized charms dangling from chains. The body has become a billboard with thoughts and standpoints scrawled in rebellious graffiti-style typography on clothing and jewelry, conveying a “don’t mess with me” attitude. Holding back is no longer an option—it is time to be heard.

The focus on street culture has given rise to a tough street look that is sweeping the design world. The Skull Flat Back is the perfect match for edgier styles. The new Crystal Iridescent Blue Pearls reflect the emerging gender-neutral, active-streetwear style fusion; launched in two tones, they symbolize companionship and belonging.


No Normal

The new value revolution has begun. Labels are being eradicated, hierarchies broken down and conventions challenged. “Anti-fashion” is the prevailing mood, with the focus on seasonless, genderless clothes, as the concept of fashion is stripped back to the essentials. Past categories are now too narrow to accommodate tomorrow’s society. There is a desire for greater kindness in our personal dealings and simplicity in our daily lives; this means embracing our difference in the search for a new, more inclusive perspective.

Designs deliberately break convention and celebrate human imperfection. Space and color appear warped, creating a futuristic optical illusion. The Chris Bangle Designer Edition, featuring the new Tilted Chaton, Tilted Spike and Tilted Dice Fancy Stones, can be used as a pendant centerpiece for rings or earrings, or as part of an elaborate futuristic textile design. The Square Family’s Pyramid, Square and Base Flat Back reflect the new design principles of flexibility and modularity, offering endless ways to create mold-breaking surface effects.


Hacked Nature

Virtual Reality has altered our perceptions, blending the real with the imaginary to hyper-stimulate the senses. Nevertheless, Mother Nature’s onslaught cannot be denied—sustainability is at the core of all design thinking, even as technology advances. A merging of these two opposites is the natural progression, blending hyper-real synthetic colors and shapes with nature-inspired forms in “phygital” (physical and digital) designs.

The desire for heightened sensory experiences is answered in the new Shimmer effect, blending a futuristic gleam with bold crystal colors in nature-tech hues. It is joined by a new range of Shiny LacquerPRO effects that updates classic summer tones with a hyper-real edge for summer styles with bold expression.


Spell Bound

As the sun rises above the moon, a sliver of color—neither gold nor silver, but with an ethereal metallic, reflective splendor—encloses Earth. It mirrors the light and darkness in life, and it takes on a spiritual significance that is reflected in design. Unable to see a brighter future, society is turning away from organized belief systems toward rituals and shamanism. As we look to magic spells and the stars for guidance, we cling to the notion that the world of magic exists.

Mystical symbols with a dark, dramatic baroque opulence emerge from the shadows. Metallic finishes have a mysterious, magical iridescence. The stardust shimmer of Crystal Galuchat’s scaly surface is unlike anything else, with tiny orbs of various magnitudes that are at once black, then suddenly white. The Baroque Bead pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history with its sublime crystal detailing, while the Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone provides a new format for historical designs.


Designer Edition: Illusions designed by Chris Bangle for Swarovski

Famed for his work with BMW and Rolls Royce, Chris Bangle is the designer behind Illusions, the latest Swarovski loose crystals collection launched in February 2017. The outcome is an evocative, dimension-defying, tilted take on crystal geometry. By compressing the third dimension along its axis, he has produced crystals with a 2.5D feel that still give a feeling of volume, space and dimension, even while appearing intrinsically flat.

“Swarovski crystals are true geometry made brilliant,” says Bangle, “and the idea of creating the same sense of pureness, with a shape that surprisingly changes when you move your head, was irresistible. In car design we struggle with the fact that the object we design becomes predictable: each side the same, symmetries everywhere. Often, with one look, you feel as if you have seen it all. Here, with the crystals, we had the chance to create a provocative personality that does not remain fixed or predictable: is it a cube or isn’t it a cube?” The result is three new crystal shapes: Tilted Dice, Tilted Spike and Tilted Chaton—miniature works of art beautifully suited to new jewelry pieces. The possibilities are endless.

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